Friends and Compatriots of Adolf Hitler

Eva Hitler geb Braun - wife of Adolf Hitler who committed suicide shortly before Hitler

Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels - the most well educated of the National Socialists, a powerful and skilled orator and talented administrator who ran the entire media in Germany

Hermann Goering - Reichsmarschall who rebuilt the German air force and worked in support of Germany's economic rebuilding

Rudolf Hess - A long-time friend of Hitler who took part in putsch of 1923 and had Mein Kampf dedicated to him, Hess is known as a "prisoner of peace" for his attempt to negotiate peace with Britain

Martin Bormann - Reichsminister and head of all party affairs beneath only Hitler

Heinrich Himmler - A tireless and skilled administrator, he became Reichsführer S.S. in 1929, was the head of the Waffen S.S., and controlled the Reich's concentration camps. He led Germany's repatriotion efforts and organized the return of German's living in other countries. He was also tasked to eliminate "the harmful influence of alien parts of the population which represent a danger to the Reich and German folk community."

Reinhard Heydrich - Perhaps Germany's most able administrators, he was the chief of Reich Security including the Gestapo, SD., and security service of the S.S.

Adolf Eichman - S.S. officer and head of the Gestapo's department of Jewish affairs.

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